Constant gardeners

The sun shines
bringing some scant warmth
finally to the exotic flowers and
shrubs artfully lining
the byways of suburbia

Everthing aligns perfectly
each frontage gardened and honed
to perfection
owners flit from door to SUV
harmonised, with ease

In my yard raccoons
have dug ugly clumps mangling the grass
a scrap of litter is lodged beneath a bare rose thorn
and spring daffs are adorned with an angry stick
planted by a raging child

I know I let my own weeds grow
their constant gardening steals my silence, anyway.

About Helen

Writer, coffee drinker, yarn wrangler and parent. Living in rural Dorset, England and trying to make things slowly, by hand...
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2 Responses to Constant gardeners

  1. bobbie (from SARK) says:


  2. Kim says:

    I think my garden looks a lot like yours🙂

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